Sunday, March 13, 2011

Auto Wake on LAN when returning home

This Profile will show you how to automatically start up your PC using a Wake On Lan program from your Android phone when you arrive home. This example uses the Wifi to detect whether you are at the specified location.

Apps you will need : Tasker
                               Wol Wake On Lan WAN

I am assuming that people will know how to access their IP address and MAC address info to enter into the WOL App. If there's enough demand I will write up how to access that information too but for now let's go ahead and set up WOL in the App and name a profile for it.

Once you have that set up, load up Tasker and click the "New" button located at the bottom of the screen. Name this profile something like "Home" or "Work" or where the profile will become active.

A new window will now open showing you a list of options. Go ahead and choose "State" and click on "Wifi Connected" at the bottom. Another new windows will open click on the magnifying glass next to the SSID and select your wifi network. Scroll the window to the bottom and click the "Done" button.

Tasker will now ask you to select a Task which will happen when your phone connects to that Wifi network. Click the New Task button and name it Wifi, next click the Plus button on the left hand side and choose the "Misc" option and then "Action Intent"

This is where we tell Tasker to talk to the WOL App we installed earlier.

First select the "Action" box and enter "com.benfinnigan.wol.widgetlaunch"
Next choose "Launcher" from the "Cat" dropdown box
Leave the "Data" field blank
In the first "Extra" field enter "CPATH: /mnt/sdcard/wolanwan/profile.dat" Notice the space between CPATH: and /mnt. Replace the word Profile with the name of your settings that you entered into the WOL App earlier.
Next Scroll down to the "Target" dropdown menu and choose "Activity" as the selection.
Click the "Done" button.

You should now have an "Action Intent" listed in the window showing, click "Done" again.

That's it!
Now whenever you arrive at the location with your selected Wifi, your phone will auto wake up the PC.


  1. Hi, Thanks for the guide. This is ALMOST what i need :)

    I was wondering if it is possible to make a phone make a wol package when it recieves a SMS?

    Thanks again.

  2. Hella ya you can. You know what tasker does?

    It automates SMS, and everything else under the sun.

  3. This is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks for the tutorial. Now I can wake a computer based on my location, pause a few seconds, and then send a command to EventGhost on my PC!

    Woo hoo!

    Think about this... you are on your way home... Tasker detects that you are near your house... it triggers a WOL packet to wake your PC, waits 5 seconds, and then sends an event to EventGhost. EventGhost checks to see if it is after sun-down... and turns on your porch light if it's dark outside.


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  5. does not work. There's a connection between wol and tasker but the computer will not wake up????

  6. It works fine. Ive been using it for at least 2 years. Have you enabled magic packet wakeup in your NIC properties ?

    Also take into consideration this cannot be done over wifi with most pcs.

  7. Have you enabled magic packet wakeup in your NIC properties ?
    what is it?

  8. What version of windows do you have ? Tell me that and I'll tell you where to go.

  9. Windows 7 and i was in bios and set Wake-On-LAN on

  10. When the computer shutdown, the internet disconnects.

    1. d'hu! It's not via Internet! I'ts via your OWN WIFI !

  11. You have no router ?
    You need a router that supports wake on lan from outside your network if you're trying to do that.

    Does it work internally on wifi etc ?

  12. yes i have a router. Do i have to do samething with it?

  13. Yes, if you're trying to send the packet from outside your home network you need ports open on the router and a router that will allow the magic packet to be sent that way.

    If you're doing it internally which you didn't confirm then you may also need to forward the magic packet port to the right machine.

    1. I can not seem to get this working! I am trying to set it up so at midnight it wakes up my pc so it can get backed up.

    2. Do you have WOL working without the app to start ?

  14. Hi, I have everything set up correctly (so i think!) but I cannot get the computer to wake up from sleep or hibernation. Am I using the IP and MAC address for the laptop and router respectively?

    Running the task opens WOL app and sends packets but does not do anything. The IP I am using is due to it being internal, is this right?


  15. Can you wake up pc from 3G? or another wifi which is not the wifi from home...

  16. PcAutoWaker on google play store do that freaking easily!

  17. Thanks for this informative article. I had some troubles with Win 10. For example, after I upgraded it from win 8, my Wake-on-LAN does not work. I tried many things and

    finally I solved the problem.
    Here you can find how to configure Wake-on-LAN on Windows 10.

    How to configure Wake-on-LAN on Windows 10

    Hope it helps for somebody else who read this article.

  18. 'choose the "Misc" option and then "Action Intent"'

    Under my version of Android and Tasker it's now called "Send Intent" and is located under the System Menu.

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  20. HOW about using google assistant to trigger wake on lan using tasker? tryig to look for instruction but i couldn't find anything. i can wake my pc just click directly the wake on lan apps but my plan is to wake it by using google assistant. can someone help me on this please