Sunday, March 13, 2011

Show Menu of Music Apps when Headset Inserted

Here is how to have Tasker detect your headphones and launch a menu of Apps to choose from instead of just the default music App.

  • Click "New" name it "Headset" and click "State" 
  • Select the category "Headset Plugged" and leave the type set to "Any"
  • Click "New Task" name it "App Menu"
  • Click the "Add" button in the bottom left and select "App" and "Load App" Choose a program such as "Music Player" then click "Done"
  • Click on the "Settings" (Spanner) Icon and change the "Task Type" to "Menu" click "Done"
  • Click "Add" again and go to "App" and choose "Load App" again and choose your next App such as "FM Radio" then click "Done" again
  • Repeat this for as many apps as you want to be displayed.
  • Click "Done"
Now whenever you plug in your headset you will be presented with a list of applications to launch. I have Music Player, Google Listen (for Podcasts) and FM Radio set up on mine.


  1. I have set this up, and it works... but it keeps popping up the menu every few minutes afterward! Is there a way to set a variable after creating the menu to prevent the menu popping up in future?

  2. Where is the done button!! I can't get this to work!! Can't find the spanner either

  3. This was written a long time ago. Since then they've completely redone the UI and changed how things are accomplished.