Sunday, March 13, 2011

Screen Time-out Settings While Charging with Voice Prompt

Here's how to make a profile use the "Say" task to read aloud chosen text for the active Profile.

Using the previous "Screen Time-out While Charging" Example we will add in the extra steps of the "Say" command.

  • After completing the above example, tap on the "Screen On" Task and choose "Edit"
  • Click the "Add" button
  • Choose "Misc" and then "Say" 
  • In the "Text" box enter what you want to phone to speak. For this example type in "Now Charging"
  • Next to "Engine:Voice" click the magnifying glass and choose "Picco TTS" next choose your language
  • Click "Done"
you should now have a screen showing the "Display Timeout" Task and a "Say" Task like this, Click Done.

Now we need to do the same for the "Exit Task" so click on the "Screen Off" Task and choose "Edit" again.

Select "Add" and choose "Misc" and "Say" just like we did before. This time we want the text to notify us that the cable is unplugged and charging has stopped, so in the text box enter "Charging Stopped" and again scroll down to the "Engine:Voice" box and choose "Picco TTS" and your language. Click on "Done" and then "Done" again.

Now when you plug in the cable the Phone will keep the Display on and say "Now Charging" When you unplug the cable the screen timeout will return to normal and the phone will announce "Charging Stopped"

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